Pathways in The Makeup Artist Industry

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Pathways You Can Take in The Makeup Artist Industry

You’ve finished your course, received your certification, and walked away armed with industry knowledge, makeup brushes, and tools of the trade. You look around at the other emerging makeup artists and think to yourself “what’s next?”.

The makeup industry is known for its boundless creativity and endless opportunities, and you now have the chance to be a part of this exciting and colourful world.

Upon completion of your certification, you can specialise in a specific area of makeup artistry, or start freelance work straight away. You can choose to follow in the path of traditional makeup artists like Pat McGrath or carve out your own path. The opportunities in the makeup industry are endless and there are no limits, it really is about creating your own journey.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you!

At The Makeup Artist Academy, it is our goal to inspire our students to find their dream career in the makeup industry. The skills you learn with us will be transferrable across a number of pathways that is prominent within the industry, and will help you discover the incredible versatility that this flexible, creative and rewarding job offers. Start the process of planning your makeup artist career today by looking through some of the wonderful pathways available to you.

Work on your own schedule as a freelance makeup artist

If you are looking for a career that can be fitted to suit your lifestyle, then freelancing is for you. You do not have to be restricted to one location, allowing you the freedom to explore the world and earn money at the same time. Freelancing also allows you the opportunity to work when it suits you, meaning that you can create your own hours and be your own boss. We will help you to establish your makeup portfolio, and gain the experience and confidence to start freelancing right away!

Love being a part of something special? Become a bridal and event MUA!

Create glamourous, sophisticated and beautiful looks to help your clients through memorable occasions. By moving into bridal or event makeup artistry as an extension of freelance work, you will be creating timeless and long-lasting makeup looks to carry your client through what could be the most important day of their life! Check out our 8 week professional course.

All about the glitz and glamour? Try your hand at photography and red carpet MUA

If it is your dream to work with models and personalities as part of your job, then this pathway is the one for you. Unveil your professionalism and creativity by working with a multitude of different looks and themes in photography and red-carpet makeup artistry. By taking our High Fashion Makeup Course, you will learn the tricks to ensure that your clients makeup looks flawless both on and off camera.

With our courses at The Makeup Artist Academy, you will gain the skills and knowledge to start any pathway with ease. We help growing makeup artists kick start their career the right way, and teach them the necessary techniques and industry skills, as well as provide them with the necessary tools to start their careers. Find out more about how we can help you advance your knowledge, grow your confidence and feed your passion by contacting our team today. 


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