Perfecting Your Winged Eyeliner

The Make Up Artist Academy Sydney



Winged eyeliner can be an alluring, sultry style when applied correctly. Its important to experiment to find the right style that will suit your eye shape and then replicate it so it’s symmetrical.

Applying eyeliner can be a tricky technique at the best of times. Put it in a liquid form and it really takes the art to a new level.

Elongating the eye with liquid liner will instantly enhance the appearance of the eye. Mastered correctly, it will change the shape of the eye to complete the look.

Here are some steps on how I do mine:

Step 1

I begin by taking my favourite black kohl eyeliner, freshly sharpened, and start by feathering the top lash line. It always helps to stretch the eye outward. This technique helps eliminate any thick lines on the lash line, and also on the eyelids.

It is important that you keep your hand steady throughout this process to give a seamless finish.

Step 2

Make sure the liquid liner has a fine brush point before you begin. Starting from the outer corner of the eye I work my way inward toward the inner corner of the eye. Once I am satisfied with the consistency of the line I then shift my focus on the outer corner. Angle the brush on a slight diagonal and exaggerate the line beyond the top lash line. It is important that the point at the end of the eye is a fine wing.  To do this I angle out using my eyeliner brush, creating a triangle shape toward the outer corner of the eye. This will give a cat effect to the eye.


Apply kohl eyeliner to the bottom waterline and connect the top and bottom of the eye with eye shadow to set. Feather any lines to create a crisp effect with an angle brush.


Finish off by cleaning the edges of the eye with a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover; this will give you a sleek clean angled line. 

This is my timeless signature look and it never gets too old.

TIP: Highlight the edge of the eye with a light concealer to really accentuate the line.

Liquid eyeliner is suited to all age groups of woman. Always remember to accentuate the shape of the winged eyeliner according to the eye shape.

Practice makes perfect. Good Luck!