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It’s Awards Season and everywhere we look we see Red Carpet glamour – beautiful people who make stunning makeup look effortless!

Red Carpet Glamour is one of the most popular looks that both my Makeup Artist Academy students and one-on-one clients regularly ask for.

So, for this blog I thought I’d share my experience of working with Niki White and Belinda West from Nikstar PR.  As the ‘go to team’ for Red Carpet PR in Australia, they know how important it is to have makeup that not only looks great, but lasts all day, and well into the night. 


AACTA Awards – December 2016

Early in December Niki White and Belinda West from Nikstar PR asked me to come into The Star to do their makeup for the AACTA Awards being held in Sydney. If you’ve ever wondered whether P.R. is a tough job – trust me, after spending a few hours with the ladies that morning my head was spinning!

In the space of a few minutes they were on the phone and sending emails non-stop speaking with events organisers, actors, media and the PR’s for individual celebrities.

The girls had a huge day ahead of them, managing the red carpet and PR for the event, and their hair and makeup needed to last for the entire event – from 11am until very late in the evening.


Plan the Look

Before you start to work on a face, it’s really important that you stop to consider the overall look that you want to achieve.  Some of the questions that you need to consider:

1. What colour / style is the outfit?

2. What hairstyle is being planned?

3. What type of skin, eye and hair colour are you working with? Are you going to be using warm or cool undertones? 

4. Are you going to focus on the eyes or lips?

I then put together a colour pallet with eye shadows and a complimentary lip colour, and check against the outfit to ensure that the pallet works well together.


Belinda West – Creating a classic, natural glow.

Belinda had a really clear idea of what she wanted to achieve with her Red Carpet look.  She was after a classic finish that enhanced her tanned skin tone and natural glow. She was wearing a simple black dress, so I used MAC Champagnes to highlight her skin tone and features.

Bel has beautiful blue eyes, so we made them our feature - giving her a subtle natural smokey eye, with two coats of mascara and false lashes.

I used the MAC warm palette eyeshadow on her eyes, and outlined her lips with a natural liner, and applied a lip stain to her lips for a matt finish.

Voila – beautiful.


The Process - Creating a Red Carpet Glamour Look

It’s vital to prepare the skin well.

Moisturise with Strobe cream – this will give the skin a radiant glow, and then apply eye gel to hydrate the eye area. I then use Hydrate Fix + Spray to prep and set the skin.


Start with the Eyes First

Starting with the eyes first will prevent eye makeup from smudging the final clean look of your foundation. Any loose powder, or mascara can easily be cleaned away before you finish with foundation.

I like to start with eye shadow, then eyeliner, and finally work on the mascara and false lashes.


Create a Flawless Finish

Apply the foundation base first, adding concealer to problem areas, and set with a blot powder – this will remove any shine. I then add bronzer to contour the face shape, and apply highlights to cheekbones.

Add blush colour to the apples of the cheeks, and a hydrating setting spray to fix and hydrate the skin.

I use facial mist at regular intervals to set makeup for long lasting wear. It also helps to calm, hydrate, replenish and adds radiance, taking you from dehydrated and tired to dewy in seconds! I use ‘Fix +’ spray. It’s great for setting the makeup, and reflects light when it’s sprayed over foundation.

Luscious Lips

Outline the shape of the lips with a concealer using a brush to give the lips a sharp effect. Then outline lips with a lip liner and always apply a lip stain under the lipstick for a longer lasting effect. Remember to carry the lipstick you’re wearing in your purse for touch-ups.



Thank you to Belinda West and Niki White for allowing me to share their story. Hair by Tanglez.


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