Top tips for long-lasting Red Carpet makeup

The Make Up Artist Academy Sydney


Here are my six top tips for long-lasting red carpet makeup. 

  • Reduce Red Eyes – Use eye drops to minimise red eyes, and apply a pale yellow eyeliner to the bottom waterline, this makes eyes appear brighter.
  • Refreshed Hydrated Skin – Use facial mist before you start applying makeup, and at regular intervals to set makeup for long lasting wear.
  • Minimise Shine - Use a blot powder to remove any shine on the face.
  • Cover those spots!  - Apply concealer over any blemishes after foundation to prevent smudging.
  • Long-lasting Lips!  - Always apply a lip stain under the lipstick for a longer lasting effect.  
  • Long Lashes – Curl the natural lashes first, and then apply mascara to your natural lashes before fixing false lashes. This will give a more even, and natural lash effect. Extra Tip: Keep a small tube of glue in your bag in case a falsie comes free!
If you’d like to learn to do your own Red Carpet Glamour makeup, or want to learn more about becoming a Professional Makeup Artist, email me at or phone on 0415 845 888.
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