Why should I become a makeup artist?

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The Journey starts here..


Everyone’s journey as a makeup artist is different, there is certainly no one-way of getting there! What I do know from all my experience is that a foundation built on passion for makeup and the transforming trends, styles, and products in the industry is one of the most important attributes an aspiring makeup artist can have. Passion translates into your work, from every face you touch, and will allow you to adapt to a constantly changing industry.

I am passionate about inspiring the evolving makeup artist, at whatever stage they are at in their journey. My unique teaching style and techniques gives my students the confidence to not only apply makeup but also adapt as a professional makeup artist in a fast paced and evolving industry.

It really amazes me and gives me so much joy to see the transformation of my student’s makeup each week. To watch them grow and find their own style is so rewarding.


At The Makeup Artist Academy we love what we do, and love to be able to share industry insights with everyone.

We focus on building the confidence in all our students to help them adapt in all aspects of the industry. We strive to find each students artistic element and this is done through developing their make up skills, product knowledge and application with hands on learning each week. Students are encouraged to test their skills on new faces every week to gain experience across different styles, looks and preferences.  

Makeup requires a lot of attention and passion when applied. It is important to identify different skin complexions and bring out the natural features in the face to give the skin the healthy glow it deserves. This is easily achieved with the correct placement of colour, the right shade of lipstick, or tone in your blush colour. This is just one of the many techniques that students of The Makeup Artist Academy learn to master. 


Makeup Artistry offers a rewarding career with endless opportunities in the fashion, bridal, photography, film and television Industry. I believe that in order for somebody to really grow and develop as makeup professional, they need to have a natural interest and curiosity to experiment with makeup. The Makeup Artist Academy provides a safe environment where our students are able to both express themselves and be experimental with their ideas.

So whatever your reason if you find yourself asking, “why should I become a makeup artist”, then that’s the beginning of a new and exciting journey!

Check out our 8 week professional makeup course to help get you started on your journey!


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