Online Makeup Course

The Make Up Artist Academy Sydney



This course will take you through the process of theory knowledge and safety procedures in practicing makeup techniques to an Industry Standard. Here are some techniques that will be covered throughout this course:

1.   Course Overview & Baseline Skills

This is the starting point of your new course – we’ll cover off all the basic skills you need and get you comfortable applying makeup.

2.   Pro Highlighting & Contouring Secrets 

You’ll see how contouring different parts of the face can dramatically enhance your client’s
look and highlight certain facial features.

3.   Blending & Applying Eye Makeup & Eyeliner

We’ll show you how to prepare different makeup blends for different occasions and how to apply it for maximum impact!

4.   Smoky Eye & Nude Lip Combinations

We’ll show you the highly coveted ‘smoky eye’ technique and how to use it in combination with nude lip applications for a stunning look. 

5.   Glamour Makeup & False Eyelashes. 

You’ll learn how to work with the glamour industry and easily apply false eyelashes using these simple, yet highly effective methods.

6.   Eye Popping Cut Crease Techniques

You get a complete breakdown of how we do our cut crease applications which make the eyes appear fuller and more open.

7.    Bridal Makeup & Wedding Secrets  

You’ll learn everything there is to know about applying makeup for weddings – the bride, bridal party and the mother of the bride.

8.   Starting Your Freelance Makeup Business   

We’ll discuss what you need to know to immediately get freelance clients, build up your business and start making a great income.


     FREE Pro Brush Set 

These are some of the essential tools of the trade you need to get started in your freelance business. Once your training is finished you’ll be ready to go!

·      FREE Makeup Workbook 
This book will be your makeup bible through your course and beyond. It contains all the lessons and you’ll take your study notes in here to refer back to if you get stuck when you start your business.

·      10% Discount on MAC Cosmetics
When you need to restock your supplies for your new freelance business of all MAC Cosmetic products to help you get started.

·      Exposure to the ‘Unleash Cosmetics’ Range
You’ll also get exclusive access to our very own product range, ‘Unleash Cosmetics’. These premium quality products are only available to our students and facilitators, at 30% discount!

·      Certificate of Completion
Once you’ve successfully completed your Professional Makeup Course you won’t just get the skills and confidence to go out on your own – you’ll also get a certificate of completion which you can show to prospective clients or employers.